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Tooth decay is the most widespread oral health problem, and can cause more serious complications if left untreated. Fortunately at Dental Arts Group, we focus on taking a preventive approach to stopping the onset and progress of tooth decay. By providing routine care, professional teeth cleanings and dental examinations with our Voorhees dentist, we can help keep your family’s smiles healthy, beautiful and cavity-free.

Plaque is a sticky film, which continuously gathers in your mouth, harboring bacteria that feed on sugar. The bacteria in plaque produce acids, which eat way at tooth enamel and cause cavities to form. To combat the detrimental effects of plaque, it is important to brush and floss each day, limit your intake of sugary foods and to visit our Voorhees dentist for routine care.  However, even with the best oral hygiene practices, plaque can hide out and harden in spots too difficult for your toothbrush to reach. For this reason it is important to visit Dental Arts Group for a comprehensive checkup exam and professional teeth cleaning. We also strive to make dental visits informative and engaging for you, your child and your whole family, to instill healthy oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. When a cavity is detected, you can rest assured that our professional team will provide the most precise and gentle care, and use the highest quality materials for your dental filling. With the latest generation of tooth-colored fillings, your restoration will blend seamlessly with your smile, while providing durable, long-lasting results.

At Dental Arts Group, we provide comprehensive preventive and restorative care, using the most advanced approaches to treatment. Our Voorhees dentist and professional staff keep you informed and at ease throughout every visit. To learn more about preventing cavities or to schedule a checkup, call today.

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